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Are you looking for meshes and fabrics for the screen printing industry? Does your company need a supply of air or water filters?
We can supply all the industrial products your business requires, from filters to drying belts. Although we cannot list them all here, these are some of our current applications:

Gerard Scanlon Gerard Scanlon

Dust and air filters

  • Dust and air filters

  • Liquids filters and strainers

  • Screening, sifters and sieves

  • Fluid bed dryers

  • Drying belts and conveyors

  • Air diffusers

  • Air slides

  • Swarf collection

  • Insect and fluff screens

  • Screen printing

  • Packaging (surface protection)

  • Sound/vibration insulation

  • Glatt bags

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All our products are sourced and supplied quickly and efficiently at the most competitive prices. If you think we are able to help you or if you would like to ask about a product not listed here, please feel free to call us or use our enquiry form on the contact us page.